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Operation 'Where's Chato'

Follow ACE Leadership High School in its Mission of Operation 'Where's Chato,' where the entire staff take the schools mascot, Chato, on a mission to show #WhyACE is the best school and right for you!

In Operation 'Where's Chato,' we take Chato around Albuquerque to visit places unique to the city and to the community of ACE Leadership High School. 

Chato visits landmarks in the Wells Park and Sawmill Neighborhoods, Albuquerque landmarks, the three pillars of ACE- industry, community, and student support and services- and finally the best places to eat! 

This is our chance to show you #WhyACE is the school for you!

Where's Chato

Here is your chance to get some free supplies for school, clothes, food, and many other things at this great event.


Make sure to attend!