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ACE Student Exhibitions are the most important part of work for students. It's way to see and celebrate student learning. Register to become a judge and experience Exhibitions firsthand. 

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ACE Project-Based Learning YouTube Video

Click to watch how ACE uses the learning by model to increase and improve student engagement. 

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ACE's Strategic Plan

A small part, but one of the most significant part of ACE's Strategic Plan is to build on the communication and Engagement with industry and community partners. 

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Industry Framework

After listening to industry partners, ACE built a framework that is now embedded into curriculum so students gain the knowledge and skills to be industry ready professionals. 

View the image to the right, but also click to read the industry specific skills that are desired from employers. 

ACE's Menu for Industry Partners

Part of ACE's new vision is to be more transparent about how industry partners can be involved with and at ACE. The goal is to be more strategic in how ACE and industry partners work together for the ultimate goal of providing opportunities for students. 

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