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A  lot of interest has been built around ACE's unique learning and school models.

ACE prides itself in its work and we like to share these stories with all ACE stakeholders. 

To truly understand what ACE can offer a student, please read the articles below to learn how ACE has carefully crafted a school students and families have grown to love. 

ACE Students Receive Tool Award

Students Elias (Yoshi) Lorretto and Brayan Segovia received a coveted award from Roadrunner Chapter 47 of the American Society of Professional Estimators. Yoshi and Brayan were awarded the Construction Trades Award. Both students filled out an application and went through an interview before they were selected as recipients. 

To read the full story, click here, and please offers a sincere congratulations to both students!

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ACE was mentioned in an Albuquerque Journal article recently, as one of the only schools in the state focusing on increasing the employee pool for industries in New Mexico. 

There is a heavy need for employees in the construction and New Mexico lags in readiness to employee in this field. 

Enter ACE. 

ACE was highlighted as the main school preparing students for careers in the construction industry. 

As money is being poured into the state for projects, companies need readily available employees and ACE is doing numerous things to not only graduate students, but to fully prepare them to enter these lucrative and rewarding careers. 

Check out the story here!

Downtown Albuquerque News (DAN) outlet reached out to ACE intrigued about the schools learning model and how we are adapting to the labor market demands of New Mexico. DAN was interested in how ACE not only meets the needs of students, but also the needs of ACE industry partners and the state as a whole. 

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In the latest edition of CTE Corner, ACE was highlighted as a model school for Career and Technical Education. 

ACE was highlighted on how great the school is in preparing students for careers and transitioning them into adulthood. 

As outlined in the article, ACE utilizes industry professionals and experts to engage with teachers and students. For teachers, the collaboration is to build the best classroom learning experiences for students. For students, it's about engaging with the industries and careers they will soon be entering. 

Give this great article a read to learn more about why ACE is a thriving place for students. 

You can read the full story by clicking here

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How innovative is ACE? ACE was spotlighted as an innovative and model school for social-emotional learning, real world problem solving, project-based learning, community partnerships, and performance assessments. 

ACE was one of seven schools in New Mexico honored with being recognized as an innovative school. 

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