ACE Influencer 

The ACE Influencer Award was created to recognize the ACE students that represent the four ethos ACE abides by:

- We are a family

- Protect OUR own

- Do the right thing

- Build Your Reputation

Tesa McCracken

The "We Are Family" Award 

This month’s “We are a Family” award goes to Tesa McCracken for going above and beyond expectations to help a fellow classmate. 

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Perla Franco

The "Build Your Reputation" Award 

Perla Franco is this month’s recipient of our “Build your Reputation” award. Perla has been described by classmates and teachers as a natural leader...

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Connor Lundeen

The "Do the Right Thing" Award 

Throughout his tenure at ACE, Connor has consistently been a student on which teachers and students alike can rely.

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